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Ode to Her. The women of Kalasha

Her. She is a wave, majestic and unforgiving, yet calm and conscious, her strength to her own self and the ever increasing love and creativity to give and give and yet again...give. Here is a piece of my understanding of Her, which I have found out to be the greatest part of our lives as the majestic living beings which we are: The Kalash tribe Colours, splashing with contrasts and a brightening palette ranging from royal blue to crimson, these hues keep the traditional headdress and their attires neatly folded within their belongingness towards the community. The Kalash tribe belonging to the near Pushtun villages of Swat and Dir, the people are known to be happy go lucky, Pagan worshipers of three Gods. Claiming themselves to be the descendents of the very own 'Alexander the Great, the tribes have been known to be inhabiting this place since 2300 B.C. The population is known to be around 6000 and are known to be inhabiting the Kalash valley. Their lifestyle includes, ho…
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The natives

This is the culture, tiny yet colossal, vivid and lively, born out of colours and patterns which are indeed the trust towards sustainability and the promise to move forward. This is the story of a community known so little yet contains such power over traditional hues which binds the happy people of Dao comunity in Vietnam together. I chose this community to understand the need of traditional and modern bonding which human civilisation has yet again misunderstood. What is so special about this community is the age old custom of weaving through a form of pattern which is a part of their practice since ancient times. The colours are so vibrant and beautifully adorned with natural dyes and weaving patterns, gives the necessity of passion to thrive forward through inexplicable understanding of their relationship with their nature. Their weaving patterns are intriguing. They involve various VAN patterns, of different shapes and sizes which the people have always believed in doing so b…